Back Pain

Back pain may be acute, involving slipped (swollen) discs, or a vertebrae out of alignment, or it may come on gradually, and just be sore and angry muscles that feel they have been used beyond their capabilities.

If the former, an osteopath or chiropractor needs to be sought urgently, who can get things back to rights. If something is out of line osteopathy can answer magically, although the actual manipulation can be quite painful, and the following day, things can definitely feel worse! However, this will just be tissue complaining about being manhandled, and from then on, in a day or two, things will recover.

The well-known “slipped disc” may well be a disc that has become enlarged due to Zinc and/or Manganese deficiency. A lack of either of these minerals will cause a disc to swell up, and then it will be more difficult for it to keep in place, so some awkward movement may slightly dislodge it, or it may be awkward to return to base. These can be supplemented.

Other pain may be overuse of some of the muscles on a frequent basis.

There are two ways to tackling this, and maybe both should be employed.

Firstly, if your job involves a lot of heavy lifting, stretching or pulling, for whatever reason, it may be necessary to ask for more help with this, either by engaging extra personnel, or by asking for hoists, lifts, pulleys, whatever to take the strain. There again it may be a good idea to move to a less onerous job.

Secondly, it is good to strengthen the muscles of the back nutritionally, and to take supplements designed to reduce inflammation.

Selenium, magnesium and Zinc, coupled with Vitamin E and B complex will help muscle strength.

For reducing inflammation, calcium, Zinc again and Vitamin C spring to mind, also the Omega 3 oils.

If you have seen an osteopath s/he may have some useful tips on how to lift heavy things, etc., in ways that take the strain off your back.

It is a good idea to lose any excess weight, if it gathers in the stomach area, as having to carry this about can add to the problem!

This is why it is essential to resolve back problems before the start of a pregnancy. The added weight of an occupied uterus will add to the problem. Also both fetus and back muscles will be competing for the same nutrients. Quite apart from looking ahead to carrying a wriggly two year old……

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Success Story

"We came across Foresight as we decided to try for our first child (we had previously had a miscarriage). We understood it as a different approach to healthy living and have kept on, despite not planning any more children, a lot of your principles and advice in our daily routine. We get our fresh produce (fruit, veg, dairy, eggs, meat) delivered from local organic farms and have not found our bills going up, as we stick to what we get! I threw aluminium cookware out and replaced it for glass or stainless steel and cut out artificially composed foods. We also did hair analysis and have been filtering our water for almost 4 years now (we have now invested in an osmosis filter) as our heavy metals were quite high.

We got pregnant immediately on both occasions and my pregnancies and births were both very straight forward (one water birth, one natural) and we now have two bright and healthy sparks challenging our existence (you didn't warn us about that!!)

I thank you for the encouragement on breastfeeding as I have a predisposition to hayfever and it seems that, so far, my children haven't got any! This, in my mind, is due to their healthy start in life thanks to your leadership and inspiration."

Eli & Duncan
Foresight Parents