Foresight's Advisors

Professor John W.T.Dickerson - Ph.D., Hon.D.Sc, F.I.Biol., Hon. F.R.S.P.H., Hon. M.A.P.H.A.

Professor Dickerson’s training in nutrition was obtained in Cambridge whilst working on the effects of nutrition on growth and development. My appointment as Professor of Human Nutrition in the University of surrey involved seeing patients with nutritional problems referred by general practitioners and also patients in hospital with similar and sometimes very serious problems.

It was during this time that Professor Dickerson was introduced to Belinda Barnes and became very interested in ,and concerned about, the adverse effects of foods and specific nutrient deficiencies on the human health. His interest in these problems was greatly increased by a visit to the United States of America, where concerns about the effects of foods on human health and diseases is rather greater that in the United Kingdom. He has written about 300 papers and 7 books on nutrition.

Alf Riggs - Geographic Stress & Man Made Radiation.

Alf Riggs is one of the world’s foremost experts on the association of Earth radiation with many types of cancer (especially breast cancer), ME, infertility, multiple miscarriages, motor neuron disease and multiple sclerosis. His profound knowledge of the biological effects of Earth radiation has attracted the attention of universities, governments and professional as well as scientific networks throughout Europe, Asia and Australasia. In his 44 years of active practice, he has accurately diagnosed these and other highly life-threatening diseases in over 7000 individuals, the causes of which are often idiopathic (defying conventional medical diagnosis).

Alf Riggs served as advisor to the Action for ME Group in the 1980s and was Head of Science and Technology for The British Society of Dowsers in the 1980s and 90s. He maintains an active lecturing schedule and continues to earn the immense gratitude of many thousands of people around the world.

Dr. Anne Wynne-Simmons - M.B.B.S., D.C.H., M.R.C.G.P., M.F.HOM.

Dr Wynne-Simmons qualified at the Royal Free Hospital, London in 1971 as a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.) and obtained the Diploma of Child Health (D.C.H.) in 1973. For the next two years she worked in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea returning to England in 1975 to specialise in Psychiatry at Addenbrookes and the Royal London Hospital.

She entered General Practice in 1977, obtaining a Family Planning Certificate in 1977 and became a Member of the Royal College of G.P.’s (M.R.C.G.P.) in 1979.

In 1980 Dr Wynne-Simmons began exploring Homeopathy and began her work at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital in 1983 obtaining membership of the Faculty of Homeopathy (M.F.HOM) in 1985. In 1987 Dr Wynne-Simmons started a General Homeopathic Clinic in Greenwich, London. From 1988 to 1994 she was also the Senior Paediatrician for the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. In 2002 the clinic was transferred to her present clinic in Harley Street.

Dr Wynne-Simmons is a tutor in Homeopathy and responsible for training doctors. She has been featured on Homeopathy in the National Press, Radio and Television.

Dr Cedric W.B. de Voil - M.B.Ch.B., M.R.C.G.P., D.R.C.O.G. M.R.C.G.P.

Cedric worked as a General Practitioner, working in Arbroath until he retired in 2001. As a GP he became interested in the links between nutrition and health. He has been a member of the McCarrison Society for nearly 30 years and is currently chairman of its Scottish Group. He is an associate of the British Society for Ecological Medicine (formerly known as the British Society for Allergy, Environmental & Nutritional Medicine). He also studied homoeopathy and acupuncture and used both techniques in his GP work. In retirement he runs the HOPE Garden project in Arbroath. This provides gardening training for adults with learning disorders and produces organic vegetables for the local community.

Dr Jean Munro - M.B., B.S., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., F.A.A.E.M., D.I.B.E.M., M.A.C.O.E.M.

Internationally recognised in the field of allergy and environmental Medicine. Dr Jean Monro is the Medical Director and founder of privately-owned Breakspear Hospital in Hertfordshire.

Fully committed, Dr Monro has focussed on this specialist area for much other career and successfully treats a wide variety of conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease and multiple chemical sensitivity, using certified laboratory tests to detect and address underlying infections and nutritional deficiencies, and low-dose immunisation to rebuild healthy immune systems.

In addition to treating patients at Breakspear Hospital, DrMonro lectures regularly at conferences around the world, supervises hands-on training of university and college students specialising in nutrition, and is often asked to write medical articles for various publications.

Dr Jillian Pritchard - M.A., M.R.C.O.G.

I trained as a doctor at Oxford University and King’s College Hospital qualifying MA, BM,BCh in 1975. Initially I pursued a career in Obstetrics and Gynaecology becoming FRCOG. My jobs included an SHO post in the fertility unit at Hammersmith Hospital with Robert Winston at a time when tubal surgery was the prime treatment for tubal infertility. Subsequently I moved to Genito-urinary Medicine and am now consultant at St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey, Surrey. Genital track infection is responsible for a significant amount of infertility and some dermatological and vulval pain syndromes contribute in other ways. Hence my current specialty has a significant impact on aspects of preconception care.

Dr Patrick Kingsley - M.D., B.S., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., F.A.A.E.M., D.Obstet., R.C.O.G.

My father was in General Practice for about four decades in the middle of the last century, and I remember discussing with him the subject of miscarriages at a time when I was studying for an Obstetrics and Gynaecology Post Graduate examination. He had practiced in a small town where the G P knew everything about his patients. He was so respected by everyone that he was often consulted about non-medical things such as whether to buy a house or not or whether such and such a job was right for a person. The church was packed to the rafters when we finally said goodbye to him.

He told me that a miscarriage was a rare event in his early practice years, but that it was becoming more common as he was getting closer to retirement. He had always found it hard to console a couple that had suffered a miscarriage, and he had found it so much harder than when a woman had her second. He was always aware that the husband often suffered as much as his wife, something that is not always appreciated nowadays.

Not so long ago I heard that a woman is not referred for specialist investigation until she has had her third miscarriage. Just how desperate she would be by then is hard to imagine. The only way I was able to help at the time was that to say the physical body of the child was not ready for this world but its spirit was, and that it would find its way into the world in due course. Such a thought often helped a bit at a time of great mourning, but I would also say her body was not quite in the perfect condition to receive the baby. After all, the onset of a period has been described as the ‘weeping of the disappointed womb’. How much more might that be so with miscarriage?

If miscarriages are becoming more frequent as the facts would suggest they are, and a full term pregnancy must surely be considered to be the normal outcome expected of a pregnancy, what on earth is going on? It would seem that many other medical conditions are becoming more common at the same time. I remember reading an article that was reprinted from a medical journal of sometime around 1900. It described a famous Consultant Physician with a group of medical students and young doctors round the bed of a patient in a hospital ward. The Consultant told them to study the case carefully because it was very rare and such a case was not likely to be seen again. He declared the patient had had a heart attack!

When I was a medical student I knew I had to learn anatomy and physiology but found it a bit boring. My student colleagues and I desperately wanted to be in the hospital wards dealing with sick people – patients. We were sure that was where our talents lay. When we did reach that stage we were shown how to make a diagnosis and apply the correct treatment, usually a surgical operation or a prescription drug. Basically we were shown how to ‘correct’ the abnormality. What was rarely ever discussed was why the problem had developed. Now were we shown how to try to return the abnormality back to the normal. That just wasn’t anywhere in our teaching.

Most of my medical practice has been investigating the ‘why’ by taking a detailed history and asking questions not normally asked, certainly not in the five or seven minutes a GP may be allocated with each patient. Yes it took a long time, but then it was worth it and my patients certainly appreciated my approach. So many of them kept saying that they wanted to know why their condition had developed and were not interested in merely taking a drug to suppress the symptoms, with all the risks of adverse affects that so many drugs have. I found it unnecessary to prescribe drugs although I was aware they were sometimes of value.

This approach of mine was why Nim Barnes asked me to become her first Medical Advisor all those years ago. I have always wanted to specialize in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and to be involved in guiding prospective parents to achieve a successful pregnancy and a healthy beautiful child was a real honour. I felt that when I delivered a baby I was helping the fruits of other people’s labours!

Dr Sarah Myhill - M.B B.S.

I qualified from London’s Middlesex Hospital Medical School in 1981 and have worked continuously in NHS general practice until 2001 and since then in full time private practice specialising in ecological (allergy, nutritional and environmental) medicine. Ecological medicine is all about looking for causes of illness and treating using micronutrients (for deficiencies), dietary changes (for allergies and intolerances) and identifying and reducing toxic stress. Ecological medicine is therefore the most scientific and logical form of medicine, far superior to current conventional medicine driven by the pharmaceutical industry and other such vested interest. All my knowledge is freely available on my website

I have a special interest in chronic fatigue syndrome, and have now seen more than 4,500 patients with CFS. These include organophosphate poisoned farmers, silicone poisoned women, 9/11 firemen, Gulf War Veterans and aerotoxic pilots.

I was Honorary Secretary of the British Society for Ecological Medicine (BSEM) for 17 years, a group of professionals dedicated to promoting Ecological medicine.

Dr Sheila L Gibson - MD., B.Sc., M.F. Hom.

I am a graduate of Glasgow University in both medicine and biochemistry and after working on research into poisoning in the University Department of Medicine in Glasgow Western Infirmary and obtaining my degree became a lecturer in Medical Genetics based at Glasgow University and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, York, Hull. This post Included clinical research and lecturing duties and I expanded my interest in toxicology and the adverse effects of vaccination.

I then found the staff of the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital, where I had both research and clinical duties. Joining the Homeopathic Hospital widened my medical horizons in many complimentary directions, which continue to expand.

I am now in exclusively private practice. My clinical expertise includes diet and nutrition, homeopathy, flower essences, natural progesterone, neurolinguistic programming, cranio sacral therapy, bio-energy therapy and toxicology.

I lecture on diet, toxic aspects of the environment, homeopathy and other complimentary therapies.

Dr Stephen Brooke - M.A., M.B., B.S., D.A., D.R.C.O.G., D.C.H., C.D.R.S., B.A., (ICI) Dip. C.P.C.

Dr Brooke trained in Medicine at Cambridge University and the London Hospital Medical College, qualifying as a doctor in 1982. Following several years of work in hospitals mainly in Paediatrics and Anaesthetics he has worked as a General Practitioner in Swindon since 1991. He has earned diplomas in Child Health, Anaesthetics, and Obstetrics and Gynaecology from the Royal Colleges in London.

Dr Brooke has a particular interest in the importance of psychological, spiritual and nutritional factors in human health and illness. He is particularly keen to offer treatment approaches that minimise the use of prescription drugs and that optimise the body and mind’s own ability to heal and sustain the person.

Dr Brooke is a member of the British Society for Ecological Medicine and he is currently pursuing further studies in Environmental and Nutritional Medicine. He is a medical advisor to the charity Electro-Sensitivity UK as well as Foresight Preconception. Further information may be found at

Gwynne H Davies - D.Sc., N.D., D.O., F.E.M.A.

A Clinical Ecologist for over twenty five years working with everything from brittle nails to cancer. I am the author of three books – ‘Overcoming Allergies’, ‘Lighten Our Arthritic Darkness’ and ‘Allergies – A Breakthrough to Health’. Now retired but available by email.

One of the founding members of Foresight in the West Country. What is a Clinical Ecologist? A Clinical Ecologist is a Holistic consultant who aims to restore to perfect balance the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human being. Thereby treating any illness or disease of the human condition and aiming to achieve the best quality of life for as long as possible.

Dr Jill Carlisle - M.B., Ch.B., D.C.H.

For many years I was responsible for Child Health in the Community for North Warwickshire.

My colleagues and I did routine immunizations and health checks. Any child from birth to five years with a possible long term physical or developmental problem, would be referred for Assessment. The child would be assessed by each member of the Multidisciplinary Team and given continued help in order to achieve its full potential by school age.

I retired aged 62 which gave me more time to work with the British Dyslexia Association. I spoke out at conferences in several countries. My aim was to promote recognition of dyslexia at an early age. With understanding and the right teaching, the child would overcome his difficulty. Many of these children have strengths and talents in other areas which need to be encouraged to the full.

Rev Simon House - MA(Cambridge, Natural Sciences and Theology).

After marketing pharmaceuticals, foods and agrochemicals, Simon spent 30 years as a parish priest and worked with modern psychotherapeutic methods. The significance of environment and events from before conception struck him as the best approach to healthy lives and to ways of healing, attending to nutrition as well as emotions. In both development and in evolution the brain is affected by environmental changes, so many now wrought by the human brain itself. He recognizes that the pandemic in mental disorders, in part trans-generational, can be greatly reduced through parenting education and preparation; that new attention to epigenetics, to marine foods and ocean-bed agriculture, bring fresh hope of correcting imbalances in the biosphere and the brain. Simon presents in various countries a coordinated view of these apsects. His writings include: The Unborn Child, and (in Nutrition and Health) ‘Stages in development’; ‘Nurturing the brain nutritionally and emotionally’.

Roy Riggs - B.Sc. Holistic Geobiologist.

Roy Riggs first studied arboriculture at Newton Rigg Agricultural College Cumbria and spent his early life as a forester. He joined the police service in 1979 mainly working as a permanent beat officer in London’s Soho district. Whilst a serving police officer he obtained an Open University degree in Environmental science.

Roy retired from the police service in 2004 to undertake further studies in the field of dowsing and Geobiology in Germany with biophysicist Dr. Luger Mersmann and Adolf Packeiser a graduate from the Institute for Research in Geobiology. Roy qualified with the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology as an electromagnetic energy consultant and is also a professional Earth Energy dowser.

Roy continues to commit himself to the study of the health consequences of both natural and manmade electromagnetic environments. On these issues he is currently a guest lecturer at London Westminster University’s School of Integrative Medicine, The British College of Osteopathic Medicine, Foresight: The Association of Preconception Care, The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and for The Baltic Dowser’s Association Lithuania.

Sally Bunday - M.B.E.

Director of the Hyperactive Children's Support Group, Together with the late Mrs Vicky Colquhoun.

Sally Bunday founded the HACSG in 1977. A national charity whose work focuses on the effect Additives, Foods, Chemicals and Nutritional Imbalances has on children which contributes to their Hyperactivity and ADHD problems.The HACSG is now in its 32nd year.

I had a Hyperactive son whose behavior caused considerable family disruption. I do not have a medical background, it was as a result of my son's diagnosed Hyperactivity and the help I received from the late Dr Ben Feingold regarding the dietary/additive effects that resulted in the HACSG being set up.

In 1980/81 one of the first published studies in to the effects of Essential Fatty Acids was undertaken by the HACSG, supported by the late Dr David Horrobin. I received my MBE, for services to children from HRH Prince of Wales in November 2005.

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Success Story

"We came across Foresight as we decided to try for our first child (we had previously had a miscarriage). We understood it as a different approach to healthy living and have kept on, despite not planning any more children, a lot of your principles and advice in our daily routine. We get our fresh produce (fruit, veg, dairy, eggs, meat) delivered from local organic farms and have not found our bills going up, as we stick to what we get! I threw aluminium cookware out and replaced it for glass or stainless steel and cut out artificially composed foods. We also did hair analysis and have been filtering our water for almost 4 years now (we have now invested in an osmosis filter) as our heavy metals were quite high.

We got pregnant immediately on both occasions and my pregnancies and births were both very straight forward (one water birth, one natural) and we now have two bright and healthy sparks challenging our existence (you didn't warn us about that!!)

I thank you for the encouragement on breastfeeding as I have a predisposition to hayfever and it seems that, so far, my children haven't got any! This, in my mind, is due to their healthy start in life thanks to your leadership and inspiration."

Eli & Duncan
Foresight Parents