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Excerpts taken from each chapter in the book:-

Chapter 1How Foresight Came Into Being, And Where We Have Got To!

So you want to have a baby?  It is the most important and happy-making idea you have ever had.  You feel you have secretly loved and waited for him all your life.  And you can’t wait to see him – or her, as the case may be.

Yet…..he doesn’t seem to be coming along?  Well, hopefully we can help.  We usually can.  We do a lot of this, and we have done it for nearly 30years as I write these words.

I adore babies.  I can’t bear things going wrong with babies.  This is why I founded Foresight in the first place.  It was not originally to help with infertility, it was to try and ensure that all babies were born healthy and normal, able to realize their full potential, physically and mentally, and therefore able to have a wonderful, happy and productive life.  However, along the way, we discovered that our programme also solved infertility in about 89% cases.


Chapter 2.  What you need to eat – why you need to eat it – what to avoid – and how to avoid it to achieve a healthy pregnancy

What you need to eat- why you need to eat it-what to avoid- and how to avoid it to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

If all prospective human mothers could be fed as expertly as prospective animal mothers in the laboratory, most sterility, spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, and premature births would disappear; the birth of deformed and mentally retarded babies would be largely a thing of the past.

So said Roger Williams in the 1970’s, pondering the very question I had posed to John Dickerson at about the same time.  ‘Why did we not take as much trouble with our human prospective mothers as they do with the laboratory rats?’  I remember shrieking with joy when I saw that paragraph in Roger William’s book.  (He was Professor of human nutrition at Texas University at the time).  The two of his books I love the most are ‘Nutrition Against Disease’ and ‘The Wonderful World Within You’.

He is a pithy and witty writer, and the books are still available on eBay and really rewarding reading.  I feel everyone who reads him will not only have a fabulous family, but will also live to a ripe old age!

Gail Bradley put it so well in the last book she and I wrote together:

Good nutrition is the foundation of the Foresight approach to preconception care.  It is vital for health, proper development and successful reproduction at all stages of life, from cells in the embryo to old age.  It can help to clear the body of poisons, such as lead.  It can help to protect against infection by building a healthy immune system.  It is important for mental well-being.


Chapter 3  Voluntary social poisons (or what I call VOSPs)

This chapter is what I call the VOSPs, the voluntary social poisons we choose to make ourselves ill with, because we enjoy it! (At least in the early stages.)

The ones we are encouraged to use because it feels unsophisticated or excessively ‘do-goody’ to be seen without them.  Smoked and pickled old journalists rumble on about the ‘nanny state’


Well let’s start with smoking.

So, how much harm does smoking really do(a) at a national level and (b) to our own tiny baby son or daughter (albeit that they may, as yet, just be a sperm with a twinkle in his tail, and an ova with a forming game plan).

What the body needs is to have the nutrients to build and repair itself – good food, required supplements, clean water, and fresh air – and to be free from the toxic factors that destroy human cells – namely, what I term ‘drugs, bugs and plugs’ – voluntary Social Poisons (VOSPs), medical drugs, exogenous hormones, infections infestations and rogue radiation.  This is perfectly achievable with a bit of effort, and it is becoming even more necessary.  Now it is well known that smokers’ children are much more likely to smoke than non-smokers, so if you are a smoker it is probably not your fault.  Your parents maybe set you up for your habit.  But, for exactly the same reason, you can see how vital it is that you stop now, so this huge disadvantage is not passed on and on by succeeding generations until the end of time.  It is in your hands.

There is a lot of scientific evidence out there that smoking causes abnormal pregnancies, illnesses, handicap and deformity in the babies.  On average, the smokers’ babies are about a half a pound (226g) lighter than they would have been if their mother had not smoked.

Both the nicotine and the lack of oxygen affect the growth of the baby, as they reduce the blood flow to the placenta and the uptake of protein.

Researchers have also reported large areas of dead tissue in the placentas of smoking mothers.  The baby is totally dependent on the placenta for his ‘support services’, so this short changes the baby, while he is in a position where he cannot complain about it, or walk out and find a better situation elsewhere.

Chapter 4  Contraception, including the Pill

To fall in love, to marry, to have your children – along with, if you wished, puppies, kittens, to love your house and garden and love looking after your family – that is doing what comes naturally.  The joy grows inside you as your body matures, and natural hopes and desires play like music in every cell of your body.

Babies are wonderful. The happiest – and the most joyfully chaotic days of your entire life will be spent bringing up a young family!  It is a huge, growing, loving experience for everyone.  It is what a young woman’s body wants to do.  To make love, get pregnant, have babies and breast-feed and nurture them until they grow up.  Every little animal in the wild is doing the same!

Chapter5   Genito-Urinary Infections

Sadly, the number of people suffering from genito-urinary problems continues to rise.  There are many reasons – increased use of the pill and IUD, poor nutritional status, leading to a weak immune system, and earlier sexual activity, to mention but a few.  Greater sexual freedom, leading to more partners, has certainly increased the risk of infections, though some genito-urinary conditions occur even among couples who are completely faithful to each other (eg candidiasis and e-coli).  Most of the infections can have dire consequences for fertility, sterility and the foetus, not to mention the general health of the sufferer.  We have not explained the symptoms of the various conditions, because they are not always apparent.  If, however, you think there is any chance, whatsoever, that you may have an infection, especially if you have an unpleasant or coloured discharge, you should visit your local genito-urinary medicine clinic. (NB: Why wonder?  It is worth just checking our anyway.)

Chapter 6  Allergies and Intestinal Parasites

As we have mentioned earlier, maintaining optimum health in the modern environment is putting together the pieces of an enormous jigsaw, but a large area we need to study particularly is how to produce an allergy-free generation! So what are the possible causes of this huge influx of illness which has only arrived in the last 40-50 years? There has to be an answer.

The 21st century  environment is high in toxins.  These are (a) inhaled, such as traffic effluent, cigarette smoke, organophosphate pesticides (both from agriculture, and from indoor uses such as moth-proofing and fire retardants, and flea drops for pets, house dust mites’ faeces, pets’ dandruff, good old pollen etc; (b) ingested such as hazardous food additives, pesticides on food, fluoride from the water, alcohol/caffeine, aluminium, artificial hormones, growth promoters, the Pill, fertility drugs and medicines, and; (c) worst of all inflicted, such as vaccines and immunizations, bacteria and viruses (albeit supposedly more or less dead) with the carriers such as lymph from calves, chicks or aborted fetuses they are aluminium or peanut oil they are floated in or thimerasol they are preserved with.  Also there are injections of antibiotics and mercury amalgam fillings in our teeth.

Chapter 7  Hair Mineral Analysis

These were just the few of the hair analyses that demonstrate the problems confronting the modern sperm and ova!  They may be short of the minerals that they require to form themselves properly, and they may be clobbered by toxic metals that damage or totally destroy them.

The human body is quite volatile, and the level of trace minerals are in a constant state of flux.  Each meal, and with some minerals each breath, brings a fresh influx and minerals are lost and minerals are lost in outward breath, perspiration, urination and bowel movements.

Minerals are carried round the body by the blood and lymph, and all the body fluids vary round the day, which is why hair is the most stable sample for information on mineral status.

The hair gathers available minerals from the blood, which is transporting minerals around the body; excesses and paucities are therefore quite well reflected in the hair.  A sample about an inch long reflects the mineral history of the previous 6-8 weeks, which makes it quite a stable reading, as it is not fluctuating and altering every few hours, as with blood, sweat, urine, saliva etc.

Nevertheless, the babies who are ultimately born free from a toxic load of dangerous substances, and able to use any vitamin or  mineral they require for their mental and physical integrity, are, unsurprisingly, perfectly formed and mentally and emotionally exceedingly bright.

I have devoted my life to making it possible for you to achieve this, because I know it is worth it.  Be patient. We will get there.

Chapter 8  Electromagnetic Pollution (or Electrosmog to you and me)

Foresight started learning about electromagnetism rather late in the day, in the early 1990’s.  We met Alfred Riggs, (who was) possibly the most informed person on the planet on this subject.  He told us of the dangers of becoming sensitised to electrosmog, (which you cannot see, smell, hear or feel in most cases) but which is now all around us as never before.  ‘Minor’ reactions to the bombardment include headaches, dizziness, sleeplessness, fatigue and depression, the ubiquitous ‘stress of modern life’.  More alarming consequences can include cancer, heart disease and leukaemia.  There are questions over chromosomal damage in babies, and cot death, also infertility and miscarriage.

In the year 2000 an ‘expert group’ was set up to study the effects of electromagnetic fields on human health.

We are grateful to Alistair and Jean (Phillips) for let us know their conclusions:

‘……that in making decisions about the siting of base stations, planning authorities should have  the power to ensure that the radio frequency fields to which the public will be exposed will be kept to the lowest practical levels that will be commensurate with the telecommunications operating effectively.’

Once again you spot the deliberate mistake, I am sure. The Expert is on the side of the commercial interest.  Pollution must be kept as low as possible, but, this endeavor must not interfere with the ever rising need for telecommunication.  Therefore the limit will not in any way be linked to the health implications.  It will be linked to the demand for – well, gadgets and wonder toys that generate electrosmog.  As their use proliferates, so this mobile ‘limit’ will rise in line with commercial interests.

Once again, we do not want to wait for the ‘government’, the ‘medics’, or any other august body who rely on ‘the Expert’ to protect us, or even warn us.  We need to be looking out for ourselves, and most particularly for our future children.

Chapter 9  Chemical Hazards

‘Nearly every chemical to which the pregnant woman is exposed will ultimately reach the foetus’.  So says Dr Joan Spyker, an eminent toxicologist.  In 1984, Gail Bradley commented, ‘we must also remember that the foetus does not have a mature system to detoxify all the poisons that may be passed on to it’

Even in the UK, I am afraid we have to conclude that Our Hero is up against it!

Secondly, I think we now have to think on even further than Dr Spyker.  The use of powerful medical drugs and hormones has become more and more common.  We now know that when chemicals are voided (urinated or defecated) they enter the biosphere, and become cumulative until they can be found in measurable quantities in earth, water and so on.  Of course this will be in minute quantities at present, and certainly not all the biosphere pollution has passed through people first!  Much has come from smoke, pesticides, fluoride, industrial waste etc discharged into rivers direct from the factories, incinerators, and farmland.  Poison such as is used to dip sheep, is dumped into rivers etc.  (This is illegal, but it happens!)

At the same time we are told of the demise of the bees, butterflies and the small birds, to think of but a few ‘bio-tragedies’.  We need to become more thoughtful and a lot less gung ho with every type of chemical. We seem to have been the most destructive generation so far.  This has gone on for long enough.

Chapter 11  Talking to the powers-that-be on what could be done to  help

‘Must the citizen even for a moment, or in the least degree, resign his conscience to the legislation?  Why has every man a conscience, then?  I think that we should be men first, and subjects afterward.  It is not desirable to cultivate a respect for law, so  much as for the right.  The only obligation which I have a right to assume is to do at any time what I think right.  Law never made men a whit more just; and, by their means for respect for it, even the well-disposed are daily made the agents of injustice.’                                                                                                                                                                                       Henry David Thoreau, from Civil Disobedience, 1849

In the penultimate chapter I have decided to list all the steps I can think of that the Government could take that would make our lives one whole lot easier, while we fight to get our country (and our Planet) back to health and sanity – and thus back to fertility and normal family happiness.

Chapter 12  Onwards

Whatever, I know you Foresight mums do wonderfully well.  We get such heartening feedback about our Foresight children.  AS with plants that are properly fed, they blossom!  We hear of them getting scholarships, playing in orchestras, playing in chess tournaments, being in teams, getting into their choice of university and so on…

We can all do the world a very good turn, producing some outstanding people – we can also save the taxpayer (us) a vast fortune in SCBU time, Special Needs Schools, Hospital time, and later Mental Hospital time and Prison time!

I suspect that as our glorious undamaged children grow to maturity, they will produce better music, poetry, fiction writing, plays, TV programmes, dancing, singing, furniture , clothes – whatever!! – than we have at present, and some will be playing in orchestras (some are already).  They will go in for beautiful architecture, gardens, parks, and open spaces, maybe just window boxes, hanging baskets, courtyards and allotments.  Who knows they may make Britain a flowering paradise.

As human contamination of earth and water lessens, wildlife will also benefit.  This is really important. At the moment sparrows and other little songbirds are disappearing rapidly.  This may be partly because of pesticides, GM crops, and voided medicines, but it is likely to be due to radiation from tetra masts etc.  The poisons and the electromagnetic pollution may be making the birds’ eggs sterile.  It may compromise the immune system in the bees.  We cannot do without the bees.  They pollinate everything. There will be no fruit, only some vegetables, and no flowers.  If we have no bees we may also disappear, as food production will be very, very difficult.  Although at the moment, any intelligent protest will be greeted with screams of ‘You cannot stop progress!’  This will be followed by, a decade later, ‘If only we had realised at the time’.  So, we must ignore this, and press on resolutely!

Meanwhile, we can all take charge of our own lives – eat good organic food, drink pure water, avoid all drugs, bugs, plugs and fugs that we can, and do our bit for our own families.

So what do we do?

If Preconceptual care were there for every baby, so that they did not suffer with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, Foetal Tobacco Syndrome, and they were no zinc deficient, nor gender confused by extraneous hormones, not polluted by heavy metal, not ill with Chlamydia, nor kept awake all night by electrosmog, and if they were then breast-fed, and not vaccinated – well, we might have normal brain power all round and a virtually crime-free world!

So let’s turn things around for the next generation.  Also, let’s get all the rest of it out on the web, so that even those who have health problems, but are not planning a pregnancy, can have a crack at getting well gain, anyway.

In this book I have tried to tell you all how I think and feel, and everything I know.

I want you to take it on board, to take up the baton and run.  As St. Paul wrote to St Timothy ‘Stir up the gift of God that is within you’ (II Timothy, 1.6).

You and your children are the Custodians of the Future.  It is all quite simple really.  Let your body be healthy, let your God-given instincts guide you.  Have a welcoming womb inside a beautiful body, inside a happy home, within a wonderful world.

Much happiness and courage to you all.  May your God go with you, whatever road you take.


So let us not grow weary in doing what is right, for we will reap at harvest time, if we do not give up. Galations 6:9

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"We came across Foresight as we decided to try for our first child (we had previously had a miscarriage). We understood it as a different approach to healthy living and have kept on, despite not planning any more children, a lot of your principles and advice in our daily routine. We get our fresh produce (fruit, veg, dairy, eggs, meat) delivered from local organic farms and have not found our bills going up, as we stick to what we get! I threw aluminium cookware out and replaced it for glass or stainless steel and cut out artificially composed foods. We also did hair analysis and have been filtering our water for almost 4 years now (we have now invested in an osmosis filter) as our heavy metals were quite high.

We got pregnant immediately on both occasions and my pregnancies and births were both very straight forward (one water birth, one natural) and we now have two bright and healthy sparks challenging our existence (you didn't warn us about that!!)

I thank you for the encouragement on breastfeeding as I have a predisposition to hayfever and it seems that, so far, my children haven't got any! This, in my mind, is due to their healthy start in life thanks to your leadership and inspiration."

Eli & Duncan
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